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Demon Slayer cosplayer transforms into perfect version of Nezuko Kamado

Published: 14/Feb/2020 13:41

by Matt Porter


A talented Demon Slayer cosplayer has pulled out an almost perfect rendition of one of the anime’s most recognizable characters, showing off an incredible version of Nezuko Kamado.

No anime captured the hearts and eyes of viewers quite like Demon Slayer in 2019, debuting to immediate praise from audience members compelled by the show’s dark themes and interesting characters.

Perhaps none are more fascinating than Nezuko Kamado, the sister of the anime’s main character Tanjiro. The show follows the boy on a journey to avenge his family, who were brutally killed by demons, before turning his sister into one of them, with the duo heading out into the world to defeat the monsters, and find a cure for Kamado’s transition that will return her to human form permanently.


Nezuko Kamado appearing in the Demon Slayer anime.

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With the Demon Slayer anime becoming so popular, it’s no surprise that many are cosplaying as the show’s main characters, but few have managed to capture Nezuko as well as Allie, who goes by renvari.cos on Instagram.

The 20-year-old managed to capture the essence of the human-turned-demon perfectly and created the outfit she wears in the show perfectly, including her pink and white robes, and the green belt she wears around her waist. She even managed to recreate the bright-yet-frightening pink eyes that appeared when Nezuko was transformed into a demon, and her long black hair flows down past her shoulders just like the character.



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Jumping on the Nezuko bandwagon (´。・・。)? I genuinely enjoyed Demon Slayer though and I feel so cute as her! With my makeup I really wanted to push for an innocent/baby kind of look. I’ll be bringing her to Katsu on friday alongside my boarfriend @milotaur ?✨ . I can’t believe how close Katsu is! I have so much animation and illustration work to do ahead of time, so I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the con. Although it doesn’t have a reputation to be, art school is really work-heavy and intense most of the time. Luckily my cosplays are pretty much ready ?? . #nezukocosplay #katsucon2020 #katsucon #nezuko #nezukokamado #kimetsunoyaiba #demonslayer #demonslayercosplay #kimetsunoyaibacosplay #inosuke #cosplay #cosplayselfie #cosplaymakeup #circlelens #cosplayphoto #cosplaygirl #girlcosplay #girlcosplayer #cutecosplay #makeup #miccostumes #katsuconlineup #animecosplay #animecosplayer #cosplaywig

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Even the pink bow in her long locks has been meticulously placed, perched on the top of her head towards her right shoulder. Of course, no Nezuko Kamado cosplay would be complete with the bamboo gag the character wears around her neck, and often placed in her mouth, which she bites down on when she gets the urge to kill humans, showing that there is still some humanity left inside her after her transformation.

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Demon Slayer originally took life as a manga back in 2016, but nobody could expect the smash hit the anime would become when it released in 2019. The series proved so popular with fans, that Ufotable confirmed that they would be producing a film in 2020 to continue the story.


For those who have yet to see the show, and are struggling to understand the hype behind the show, you can catch the first season in its entirety on Crunchyroll or Funimation.