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Demon Slayer cosplayer breathes life into Mitsuri Kanroji

Published: 2/Mar/2020 13:54

by Matt Porter


Demon Slayer has quickly become one of the most popular anime in the world, and one cosplayer has shown their love for the show with an incredible take on Mitsuri Kanroji. 

Few animes captured the attention of audiences worldwide in 2019 quite like Demon Slayer, which immediately became a hit with fans compelled by the show’s characters and the dark themes which run throughout the first season.

The show follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a young man on a journey to avenge his family who were brutally killed by demons, who then turned his sister into one of them. Desperate to find a cure for his sibling Nezuko, Tanjiro becomes a Demon Slayer himself, meeting a host of characters on his journey such as Mitsui Kanroji.


Demon Slayer became one of 2019’s biggest anime.

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While traveling, the brother and sister duo eventually meet the Demon Corps, a group of the world’s deadliest and most powerful warriors who are determined to kill all evil that inhabits the earth. In the Slayer Corps are swordsmen known as Pillars, the strongest of all, and Mitsuri Kanroji is one of those fierce combatants, known as the Love Pillar.

Instagram user ‘cosplayslimeball’ is clearly a fan of the character, showing off her incredible take on the character which she intends to wear at Tekko 2020 in Pennsylvania. The cosplayer absolutely nailed the character, with her pink and neon green hair instantly recognizable, and twisted into the braids that the character always wears her hair in.


Her costume is also a faithful recreation of the character’s outfit in the anime, with the same white kimono and black dress that Kanroji wears in combat, while her vibrant green eyes look identical to the Love Pillar’s.

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Demon Slayer first started as a manga back in 2016, but took the world by storm in 2019 when it released as an anime.

The series proved to be extremely popular with fans, but with season one now finished, avid viewers of Demon Slayer will have to wait for the release of sequel film Mugen Train to catch the next chapter in the story.