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Blazing Bakugo cosplay lights up My Hero Academia fandom

Published: 25/Sep/2020 5:07

by Alan Bernal


A talented My Hero Academia fan put passion and creativity together, creating a sizzling cosplay to portray Class 1-A’s hot-headed hero, Bakugo.

The MHA fanbase have created multiple incredible cosplays in the past for the dozens of students at U.A. High. We’ve seen cosplays ranging from the adorable to the terrifying, as the series lends itself to a wide-array of characters in both camps of the ‘good vs evil’ narrative.

By now, fans know that Kacchan toes that line and, at times, goes too far. But there’s a plethora of devoted fans, that are firmly ‘Team Bakugo,’ who create some of the best depictions for the anime’s cast.


Following that tradition, cosplayer ‘_kissmyashe’ used her graphic design quirk to elevate her Bakugo outfit even more. While her costume already had a lot for fans to love, she lit up the shot with some magic in post.

“I’m learning to create composites,” kissmyashe said of the finished product. “I love fusing reality with fantasy. I’ve always been intrigued by that. How did I do?”

Of course Bakugo’s quirk is violently explosive more often than not, but the cool aesthetic of the fire she chose gives it a much slicker look to an otherwise imposing character.

But Ashe also added a personal touch. Not only did the costume come with the orange-rimmed flares that come out from behind the manga character’s mask, she also added a bit of orange tips to her hair that lights up with the rest of the look.


It’s fun to see your favorite anime characters brought to life when cosplayers suit up, and when they go the extra step to add those finer details, that’s when the design shines.

Kissmyashe is a longtime cosplayer who’s featured characters spanning various movies and gaming franchises like Street Fighter, Pokemon, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.

The MHA cosplay community is rife with talented designers and creators that have put together incredible recreations for their favorite characters.

With her fun Bakugo reimagining, Ashe showed off another great entry in a long line of cosplays featuring the iconic My Hero Academia troupe.