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Apex Legends streamer enters the void with jaw-dropping Wraith cosplay

Published: 24/Sep/2021 21:57

by Lawrence Scotti


Apex Legends has entered Season 10 with a bang and Twitch streamer ‘salinono’ is celebrating by sharing an incredible cosplay of the skirmisher Wraith.

Wraith has been one of the more popular characters to be released for Apex Legends since she was dropped in early 2019.

Her powerful kit, which involves a mixture of invisibility and summoning portals, allows the Legend to always be relevant and high on people’s tier lists.

Cosplayer and streamer salinono decided to share their love of Wraith by crafting an outfit inspired by their Flashpoint skin, to massive success.

Wraith outside an apex legends vault
Wraith is one of the strongest skirmishers in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Wraith cosplay done right

Wraith’s Flashpoint skin is one of her only suits that show off Wraith with no hair.


In salinono’s take on the popular style, she nails the no-hair look, with some very nice touches on their outfit including the bullet holster.

Sali also added the line “trust just your eyes and you lose”, which is one of Wraith’s more popular voice lines in-game. She boasts an incredible ability list anyway, but Wraith’s personality is a massive selling point for players interested in lore and many continue to follow her journey with intrigue.

Another nice addition to the look is her grey eyes, which must have been complicated to pull off. Salinono also shared a video on Instagram of her transforming into the outfit, which adds cool transition music.


On salionono’s Twitch page, they often stream Apex, with the Interdimensional Skirmisher being one of her favorite’s to play. They certainly nailed the look this time, and maybe someday will try other Legendary skins to cosplay as.

Until that time, there’s a win out there waiting for us.