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Amazing Overwatch LoL crossover cosplay combines Mei with K/DA’s Akali

Published: 17/Sep/2020 0:08

by Michael Gwilliam


An Overwatch and League of Legends cosplayer found the perfect way to fuse her love of Mei with K-pop group K/DA’s Akali.

Cosplayer Kiiroi27 took to Reddit to show off her take on Mei in a crossover with K/DA and the result is really something to behold.

The unique cosplay primarily takes Mei’s face and body, but puts Akali’s K/DA attire over her. This means the iconic face mask, top and half-jacket are included and help make up the ensemble.

Even the hat with its three stars under the lid is included for some nice flair.


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Meanwhile, the Mei element remains completely intact with the Overwatch hero’s face looking perfect, glasses to match and the hair being on point too.

If the Reddit posts weren’t enough, Kiiroi27 also uploaded some photos to her Instagram account.

In one, she wields Mei’s Endothermic Blaster while holding a photo of her dressed as Akali performing the same pose.

In another, she poses for the camera with her hands stretched outwards and one last one where she adjusts her glasses anime style.

This isn’t the first time Overwatch has merged with League of Legends. As Dexerto reported back in 2019, a fan created some incredible crossover skins that merged Tracer with Akali, Mercy and Kai’sa, D.Va and Ahri, and Widowmaker alongside Evelynn.


As for Kiiroi27, she’s also done some other unique takes with Mei including another crossover that merged OW and the Harry Potter universe. A magical combination to say the least.

It’s quite clear that the cosplayer has some impressive talent and there’s no telling what else she could have in store for us in the future, especially once Overwatch 2 comes out.