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YouTuber rents highest mileage Lamborghini Huracan in the world

Published: 20/Feb/2020 17:55

by Eli Becht


YouTuber Adam Swords rented a Lamborghini Huracan that was pushing 200,000 miles, giving it the title of having the most mileage of any car of its type in the world.

Luxury sports cars like Lamborghinis aren’t traditionally used to drive long-distances, which is why the mileage on this car is so eye-popping.

The YouTuber found himself in Las Vegas looking to pick up a supercar and was given a few different options, but when it was explained to him that this Huracan has the most miles on it in the world, he was instantly intrigued.

lamboghini huracan
Wikimedia Commons
The Lamborghini Huracan is one of nicest cars in the world.

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Adam, who knows all about nice cars and the finer things in life thanks to his camera work on ProducerMichael’s YouTube channel, learned the car was sitting at just over 185,000 miles and was shocked to hear that news.


“185,000,” he repeated. “What? How old is it? What year is it?”

The employee said it’s from 2015, making it one of the oldest Huracans on the market.

(Quotes begin at 2:28)

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When given the choice between a Slingshot, the Lamborghini, and a Jeep, he had no choice but to go with the Huracan.

Adam got all of the paperwork done and instantly found himself excited to check out what the car had to offer.

After taking a trip to the Hoover Dam in Nevada, on the drive back he explained that the car still performs like a dream.


adam swords hoover dam
Adam Swords - YouTube
Adam took the Lamborghini to the Hoover Dam.

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“It drives like a new car,” he began. “I mean, seriously.”

He mentions the perfect gear shift, exhaust sounding amazing, and the interior design still looking great, despite it being so old and a rental. He notes that since it’s a rental, people don’t treat it as much as their pride and joy, which makes the condition it’s in very impressive.

Adam Swords - YouTube
Adam Swords was blown away by how well this car performed.

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Since it’s a rental, that could definitely explain the exorbitant amount of miles that have been put on it in such a short amount of time.

Adam mentions that with most supercars, you have to handle and treat them with care, but this doesn’t seem to be the issue with this Huracan as it’s still in excellent shape.


Of course, that could just be the rental company working their magic. Next time you find yourself in Las Vegas, it might be worth checking out how many miles this vehicle has racked up.