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YouTuber confronts “crazy” thief who stole his $75,000 Corvette

Published: 24/Feb/2020 20:19

by Eli Becht


YouTuber Royalty Exotic Cars rented out their red Corvette which was never returned, so they took matters into their own hands to go and retrieve it.

The YouTuber lent out his Corvette which was not returned on time, so he took a look at its GPS, found out where it was, and went to go tow it back to the compound.

Royalty explained that this was actually nothing new for him as before he became a YouTuber, he actually repossessed cars for a living.

Royalty Exotic Cards - YouTube
The car was located.

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The group managed to locate the car in a Walmart parking lot where they discovered there had been significant damage down to the front bumper, with many visual scuffs, including a broken windshield.


Upon arrival, they noticed the man who had the car walking around and he started to plead with them to not take the car and he wanted to get his stuff out of it first. Eventually, the encounter turned hostile and the man refused to give up the keys to the Corvette.

Royalty Exotic Cars - YouTube
That doesn’t look good.

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Royalty ended up letting them keep the keys to the car and went ahead with towing it. At that point, the thief hopped into the tow truck and wouldn’t get out until he was given a ride home. With no other options available, the YouTubers obliged and had an incredibly awkward ride home.back to his house.


At one point during the drive to his abode, the man began to challenge people to fights.

“Homeboy, you ain’t as hard as you think, right,” he said to Anthony. “I wish you would get out of the whip and fight me one-one right now.”

(Quote begins at 12:22)

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Once they got to his house, they dropped him off and quickly sped away, leaving both him and this entire situation in the rear-view mirror.

They’ll definitely have to think twice in the future about who they rent their cars to. All things considered, this situation could have gone a lot worse than it actually did, so Royalty Exotic Cars can be thankful for that.