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TheStradman explains why he bought a 1982 Rolls Royce Limo

Published: 17/Feb/2020 20:06

by Eli Becht


Popular car YouTuber TheStradman recently picked up a 1982 Rolls Royce Limo for himself – here’s why.

Many people buy used cars rather than new since the price difference can be quite shocking, and it’s always good to save a bit of money where you can.

In TheStradman’s February 15 video, he explained he was going to pick up a used car without even seeing the condition first – a very dangerous route to take, but for the sake of content, Stradman decided it was worth the risk.

Instagram: thestradman
TheStradman - YouTube
TheStradman added yet another car to his collection.

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He also clarified that it won’t be his car for long, as he’ll be giving it away within the next week. The 1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limitless sounds like it was a spur of a moment pickup, but he sounded excited about it nonetheless.


The YouTuber even calls it the best purchase of his life.

“I think it’s safe to say with no hesitation and absolutely zero reservation this is the single greatest purchase of my entire life,” he said after driving the car.

rolls royce limo
TheStradman - YouTube
The Rolls Royce limo being delivered.

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Amusingly, after he drove it for a while, he noticed the Rolls Royce’s odometer didn’t work, so there was no real way to tell how many miles were on the decades-old car.

After gassing it up and bringing it back home, he stepped onto his roof to take a picture of his car collection, and explained how the limo gives the collection some much-needed flair.


(Quotes begin at 3:14)

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“You have to admit that is amazing,” he says. “Rolls Royce, it just adds a little bit of class to the collection that we didn’t have.”

Near the end of the video, though, he did seem to question why he’d made the sudden decision to buy the car.

Instagram: thestradman
TheStradman - YouTube
Add the limo into the mix for now.

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“I’m not really sure what I was thinking,” he said. “At the time, when I paid for this car, it seemed like a good idea in theory, and now that it’s here in the garage … the entire garage smells like it’s in 1982.”


He then compared it to the smell of a grandparent’s house, calling it old and musty. Luckily for him, the Rolls Royce will not be sticking around for long if he does go through with his plans to get rid of it.