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Shmee150 shares detailed look at rare $6 million Bugatti Divo hypercar

Published: 9/Aug/2020 0:32

by Alan Bernal


Popular YouTuber Shmee150 got a great look at the first model for the Bugatti Divo, a super exclusive hypercar that has a multi-million price tag.

The company first introduced the car in 2018 and said that there would only be 40 Divos in production. Before its creators could officially unveil the car, the entire slate was all sold for the asking price of €5m euros each, or about $6m USD.

There was a lot of fanfare behind the car for a long time and it’s remained a mystery throughout the years, but they’re soon getting ready to finally hit the tarmac.


Shmee got an especially close look at the matte black Divo that has a blue trim along the edges. There wasn’t any test drive, but the owner of the car let the video blogger get a look at the 001 model.

Shmee150 YouTube
The Bugatti Divo is the newest model in the legendary company’s lineup.

The Divo was made with incredible detail that takes a more stylized approach to the aerodynamics in the front grill, as well as the ventilated back end of the bumper.

As soon as the engine roared to life, Shmee was surprised by the raw power of that tanky eight liter quad-turbocharged 16 block. After listening to the YouTuber’s amazing McLaren 675LT Spider, the Divo sounded much more deafening in comparison.


That’s not to say the McLaren was any less impressive, but the engineering minds at Bugatti succeeded in capturing the elegant power of their brand onto another luxurious hypercar.

“The sharp fin [on the back] continuing the Bugatti style philosophy we’ve seen on recent cars,” Shmee said. “This thing was Bugatti’s most dynamic and capable track performing vehicle.”

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Named after famed French racing driver, Albert Divo, the new Bugatti is powered by about 1,500hp that helps it reach a 0 to 60 in only 2.4 seconds. Comparable to its sister car, the Chiron, in a lot of ways, the Divo takes a style that’s more sporty than other Bugattis.


Shmee was floored at getting such a close look at the new hypercar, as it is setting up to take the floor later in the year.