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Doug DeMuro explores insane features of $480,000 Rolls-Royce Black Badge

Published: 20/Feb/2020 21:06 Updated: 20/Feb/2020 21:15

by Eli Becht


Car reviewer Doug DeMuro gave viewers an inside look into the $480,000 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge and its crazy features.

It’s what he calls “the most luxurious SUV ever made,” and the YouTuber was able to back up this lofty claim by giving his audience a tour of the new and expensive vehicle.

In his nearly half-hour video, the reviewer showcases many of the car’s impressive features, at one point revealing a special umbrella holder that proves this car is head and shoulders above the competition.

doug demara rolls royce panels
Doug DeMara: YouTube
This car is loaded up with compartments and panels.

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DeMuro explains this special Black Badge edition bumps the price tag up a bit over the regular version – $100,000, to be exact, but explains all of the reasons for this increase.


The YouTuber claims it’s a more refined and exclusive version of the original Cullinan. Some examples he gives of this upgrade include its replacement of the chrome trim found on the original model with black, also boasting upgraded horsepower over the previous model that raises it up to 600 with the Black Badge.

The $480K price tag easily makes this one of the most expensive SUVs ever made. It boasts all sorts of features that aren’t available in other cars; the Black Badge even has its own button that will close the back door without any need to pull on the handle.


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DeMuro goes on to throw the various panels in the back, revealing options to control the radio and heated armrests – and that’s just a couple of the features that help it stand apart from the competition.

In terms of features that’ll help the driver out, he singles out the back-up camera, which he calls “the best of all time.” It gives the driver a complete 360-degree view of the vehicle,  acting like a drone flying around the car.

He eventually explains why the car sports a warning label about dogs, clarifying that this caution is because the cargo area of the vehicle doesn’t get any airflow, so it can get very dangerous for any pets put back there.


Doug DeMuro: YouTube
Doug gave the Rolls-Royce at 68 on his review scale.

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Eventually, the YouTuber took the car on the road to let viewers know how it drives. He says it’s a “pillow-soft” ride and he doesn’t hear any sounds coming from the vehicle, or from the outside world even, making it very relaxing to roam around in.

In the end, the car manages to get a Dougscore (the YouTuber’s review system) of 68/100, and he calls it the “ultimate SUV for sale.”