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CoD pro Crimsix shows off driving skill on track in his Porsche GT3 RS

Published: 12/Aug/2020 15:11

by Kieran Bicknell


Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter is a renowned Call of Duty pro player, but it turns out he’s also a natural when it comes to pushing high-performance sports cars to the limit. In his latest video, he answers the question of whether he can ‘DRIVE, DRIVE’ with great success.

Although his YouTube channel is centered around Call Of Duty, Crimsix also has a love for Porsche, with his GT3 RS being put through its paces to showcase his driving prowess.

Taking his high-performance Miami Blue Porsche GT3 RS to a track day to dust the cobwebs off, it is immediately obvious that Crimsix is as quick behind the wheel as he is in front of the screen.


With 33 LAN event wins to his name, it makes sense that someone with a love for high-octane action in the virtual world would share that love in the real world, and what a way to experience it.

Crimsix's Porsche 911 GT3 RS
YouTube: Crimsix
Crimsix’s Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS is a lightweight, track-focused sports car

Showcasing his on-track skill

The Porsche GT3 RS makes a perfect track car thanks to its lightweight nature and free-revving flat-six engine, but it does still take a lot of skill and precision to make the most of its precision German engineering.

Thankfully, Porter has skill in spades. Despite opting to leave the transmission in automatic as opposed to shifting with the paddles, he clearly has a fantastic intuition for keeping the car at the limits of its performance without going too far ‘over the top.’


There are a few sketchy moments where the GT3 RS tried to bite back, most notably at 5:48, but his experience and skill behind the wheel came into play, and disaster was quickly averted. It appears that the slide didn’t phase him at all, as he was quickly back on the tail of the car in front.

Sadly open track days have strict rules on passing, meaning that racing overtakes are strictly forbidden. Instead of passing at will, he had to wait for the car in front to move over and signal to overtake before he could floor the accelerator and send the Porsche flying past them.


Showcasing plenty of driving skills, clipping apexes, finding the racing line on the circuit, and giving a very impressive display of car control; It seems the answer is yes, yes a pro CoD player can ‘DRIVE, DRIVE.’