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5 most ridiculous supercar wraps ever seen

Published: 17/Aug/2020 15:02

by Kieran Bicknell


For drivers that want to switch up the color of their car without permanently painting their vehicle, vinyl wraps offer a convenient and cost-effective way of personalizing your car. Unfortunately, sometimes they actually look worse when done than they did before.

Thanks to the low price of a wrap (around $2,000 for a good one) compared to the high cost of painting a car (running easily up to $10-20k) wrapping is often used for experimental liveries and attention-grabbing designs.

While taste is subjective, sometimes the finished cars are so bad you can’t help but wonder what went on in the owner’s mind when ordering the material.


Here are five of the worst-looking wraps from around the world.

Audi R8 ‘Psychedelic’

The Audi R8 is one of the greatest supercars ever to come out of Germany. With prices for early cars dropping to sub-$30k, more and more YouTubers and ‘young rich’ are buying them up, meaning it was only a matter of time before one was seen in a terrible wrap.

This terrible color – known as ‘flip psychedelic’ – changes color depending on the angle you look at it and the lighting conditions, often mimicking the appearance of fuel.

The color may be terrible, but it does seem like the wrap has been well executed by a professional team; A terrible idea that was well-executed.


Gold Lamborghini Aventador

Video starts at 1:31

If you ever needed proof that money doesn’t buy taste, this should do perfectly.

Part of a fleet of gold-wrapped supercars and hypercars owned by the ultra-wealthy in London; This Lamborghini Aventador certainly stands out, but for all the wrong reasons.

Beyond the appalling taste of the owner having chosen to wrap their supercars in a tacky gold color, there must be some laws against wrapping a car in a reflective color; Just imagine the glare off of it on a sunny day or at night. A true fashion crime on wheels.

Chrome green Chevrolet Corvette

Video starts at 4:18

If the Hulk was an American YouTuber, this is what he’d drive. Big, brash, and loud. This chrome green wrap suits the characteristics of the Corvette well, but in the same vein as the Lamborghini above, it does look somewhat tacky.


Once again the actual wrap itself has been carried out very well indeed, but the color choice is individual at best. Having allegedly cost $10,000; The owner of this American muscle icon must really, really love chrome to drive this around.

One commenter on the video summed it up perfectly, saying it looked like a car out of GTA V.

‘Streetgasm’ liveried Ferrari 488

Video starts at 9:40

Ferrari is well-known for being a little sensitive when people modify or change the appearance of their products, so imagine what must’ve been running through their minds when they learned about the existence of this crazy-looking Ferrari 488 Spyder.

Admittedly, this is a promotional livery for the ‘Streetgasm’ supercar tour, but it is absolutely shocking nonetheless. Taking a gorgeous Italian supercar such as this and covering it in cartoon graphics is a design crime on a massive scale, so let’s hope it was removed as soon as the tour was over.


Teal Chrome Lamborghini Urus

Wherever supercars go, tacky chrome wraps seem to follow.

Created by one of the world’s most-renowned supercar customizers and wrappers Yiannimize; This Lamborghini Urus is wrapped in a gaudy teal chrome color to match his Aventador.

Quite how these mirror/chrome wraps are legal is unknown, as they clearly pose a safety threat due to being reflective. Admittedly, the brightly colored wrap does match perfectly with his Aventador, and stands out very well amongst a sea of other Lambos and supercars around the city of London.