When are Cold War Zombies camos coming to Warzone? Dark Aether & Plague Diamond
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When are Zombies camos coming to Warzone?

Published: 7/Mar/2021 23:07 Updated: 7/Mar/2021 23:29

by Julian Young


While many Warzone fans are already taking advantage of the game’s integration with Black Ops Cold War, Zombies players are still unable to equip their unlocks in the battle royale. Here’s everything we know about when those camos will be available for players jumping into Verdansk.

The integration between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone was a huge selling point for many fans when it came to the 2020 title. In a franchise-first, players are now able to combine weapons created by both Infinity Ward and Treyarch while jumping into CoD’s landmark battle royale.

Despite the hype surrounding the integration, it hasn’t gone perfectly. Since release, players have complained about weapon balancing, rampant bugs, and general issues with the joint experience. Regardless of those problems, Warzone has still been hugely successful in its Cold War era.


Although the connection between games has been present since Season 1, many fans are still desperate for news on when they’ll be able to take unlocks earned in Cold War’s Zombies mode into Verdansk.

Here’s everything we know about Zombies camos in Warzone so far.

Call of Duty Warzone Black Ops Integration
Warzone’s Cold War integration has been live since Season 1, but Zombies content is still unavailable in the battle royale.

Zombies mastery camos coming to Warzone

The number one thing on most Zombies players’ wishlists for Warzone are weapon camos, particularly the three mastery options: Golden Viper, Plague Diamond, and Dark Aether. These camos take a ridiculous amount of time and effort to unlock — and that’s without any nasty bugs messing up their progress.

Treyarch already confirmed that Zombies camos (including the three mastery versions) will be coming to Warzone, but not at release. In their Season 1 overview, the Cold War developer shared that “At the start of Season One, a portion of Zombies personalization content will not be accessible in Warzone.”


Despite their disappointment, fans can take some comfort from the fact that Treyarch will be adding Zombies weapon camos to Warzone in the future. In fact, leakers have already confirmed that Zombies mastery camos are present in the Warzone files and just waiting to be released.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War M4 Dark Aether
Twitter / KARNAGE Clan
Zombies players are desperate for the chance to use their unlocks in Warzone.

Zombies calling cards and reticles coming to Warzone

Weapon camos are what many Zombies players want added to Warzone more than anything, but there are plenty of other customization options making their way into game as well. All calling cards and reticles that players unlock by playing Zombies will be added to the BR as well.

In the Season 1 overview, Treyarch confirmed their plans to incorporate “Zombies Calling Cards, reticles, and Onslaught Blueprints,” into Warzone.


There’s been no confirmation on when fans will gain access to that additional content, but it will likely be added alongside the Zombies weapon camos.

Zombies camos in Warzone leaked

Although there’s been no official updates from Treyarch or Activision on when players can expect Zombies camos to be added, several Call of Duty leakers have already confirmed the presence of those camos in Warzone — even if they aren’t available yet.

On March 5, well-known CoD leaker ‘Zesty’ tweeted out a message about the Zombies camos coming to Verdansk. “Yes, all of the BOCW Zombies camos are in Warzone, including Mastery Camos like Plague Diamond and Dark Aether,” he shared with his followers.


Even though he confirmed their existence, Zesty crushed any hope that fans might’ve had about him knowing their release schedule. “No, I don’t know when they are coming,” he ended the tweet, “but likely soon due to fan requests.”

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Game Mode
Activision / Treyarch
Players could also see other Zombies-related content (like calling cards and reticles) added to Warzone.

When will Zombies camos be added to Warzone?

Zesty’s tweet alluded that Zombies camos could be making their long-awaited appearance in Warzone not too long after the Season 2 release. There are also plenty of other hints and teasers that support the idea they could be coming in the game’s near-future.

After Season 2 began, the newly added Shipwreck POI became infested with Zombies which players need to deal with when venturing into that area. Then on March 5, the official CoD Twitter account tweeted that Zombies had escaped from the shipwreck, and hinted they could spread across the entire map.


The Shipwreck is far from the only Zombies-related content added to Warzone in Season 2. New Zombies-focused challenges were also added, and there were even more Zombies teasers incorporated into the build-up before Season 2’s huge release.

With a clear focus on their influence in Season 2, this would be the perfect time for Treyarch to finally add player-earned Zombies items into Warzone. With an in-game nuclear event anticipated for later this spring, players could see that last piece of the Cold War-Warzone integration finally take shape when the bombs drop.