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YouTube restores JGOD’s Warzone channel after community backlash over removal

Published: 18/Jun/2021 22:43

by Theo Salaun


YouTube have quickly restored JGOD’s Warzone channel after absolutely stunning the Call of Duty community by removing it for violating “community guidelines.”

As far as Warzone content creators go, JGOD has become one of the most popular in the community for his educational videos and spreadsheets. Now one of the biggest CoD YouTubers around, it was a shock to the scene when he announced that his channel had been removed.

In Season 4 alone, JGOD’s videos about the long-range meta and guns like the MG 82 LMG have earned hundreds of thousands of views. He has easily become the go-to source on YouTube and Twitter for Warzone analysis. Even further, his recognition within the scene has led to him getting to work with Activision on hosting his own $100,000 Warzone tournament series.


Revealing that his channel was removed from YouTube over “repeated violations of our Community Guidelines,” JGOD has asked the platform for an explanation or help. Within an instant, the biggest names in CoD have rallied in support — and YouTube responded by quickly bringing his channel back.

With tons of high-profile streamers and little-known fans alike in JGOD’s initial replies, YouTube’s representatives got tagged and questioned. From CDL teams to tournament players to casuals, everyone wanted this situation fixed.

One such person was 100 Thieves’ Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, who comforted JGOD’s fans by letting everyone know that he has helped put the content creator in contact with YouTube.


Shortly after CouRage’s tweet, JGOD announced that his channel had been restored. And, with that announcement, the Warzone community breathed a collective sigh of relief.

While people’s hopes to nerf the battle royale guru have been thwarted, this quickly resolved situation is proof that it’s good to have friends in high places. And the way to get friends in high places is to grind out beloved content.