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When is the Nuke event in Warzone? New map rumors and more

Published: 6/Mar/2021 12:58

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty: Warzone leaks and rumors are building up, with all signs pointing to an imminent nuclear explosion that will destroy Verdansk. Here’s what we know about the event and, most importantly, when to expect it. 

Warzone’s immense popularity has, quite understandably, led to immense anticipation over the game’s future. We are fast approaching one year of Warzone, and its longevity appears a fairly safe bet given how much player interest remains.

It also looks like fans can expect a new map, with a plethora of hints and rumors pointing towards a Ural Mountains map based off Fireteam Dirty Bomb environments from Black Ops Cold War. However, the potential arrival of a new map has, of course, raised questions about the old one.


Warzone's Ural Mountains map
A new Warzone setting could incorporate maps from Black Ops Cold War.

Warzone nuke event date and time

Verdansk has been Warzone’s setting since the game launched, undergoing some changes as in-game narratives have ebbed and flowed. Now, though, the map looks under serious threat, with all leaks and rumors pointing towards a nuke event that will completely level the city.

What also seems likely is that the nuke event will occur upon the conclusion of the current Zombies Outbreak event. Teasers have suggested that the Zombies will leave the Shipwreck location and take over the map, forcing the powers that be to nuke it into oblivion.

In terms of a date for the event itself, March 11 was touted by some leakers, however, that’s been dismissed and it now looks to be happening in April. The exact date and time, however, is unknown.


Zombies in Warzone
Zombies in Warzone could be the trigger for the nuclear event – as players have to contain the outbreak and the spread of the undead.

It’s important to remember too, that this event has not actually been confirmed by Activision or Raven. There is a possibility then, however small, that the event does not take place.

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Given the prevalence of leaks and rumors, though, we can expect a nuke event to take place soon. Whether the Zombies narrative turns out to be correct is currently unclear, but fans shouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out.