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When do headshots matter in Black Ops 4? Headshot and High Caliber multiplier explained

Published: 18/Oct/2018 15:32 Updated: 18/Oct/2018 15:40

by Calum Patterson


Headshots have always been favored in first person shooters, since the early days of the genre, but how much do they really matter in Call of Duty’s latest title, Black Ops 4?

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Headshots are given as in game challenges, which will reward you with more weapon camos for the gun you get them with, with new camos every 25, 50, 100 headshots, and so on.

But, in terms of practical gameplay, do headshots really give you the advantage in a gunfight? And is it worth consciously aiming for the head, or should you just ensure you hit as many shots as possible?


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Popular Call of Duty YouTuber ExclusiveAce has done the exhaustive legwork on these very questions, determining the true value of getting a headshot in Black Ops 4 multiplayer.

There is also a slight complicating factor involved, as Black Ops 4 has a ‘High Caliber’ attachment (some even have a second level of High Caliber) which gives increased bullet damage to the head.

ExclusiveAce first breaks down the headshot effective ranges and bullets to kill for weapons without the option for High Caliber, before moving to considerations of High Caliber weapons, comparing the difference.

Headshot ranges for Assault Rifles without high caliber.
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Most weapons do benefit from headshots even without High Caliber, but it is not always a game changing difference.


But, XclusiveAce explains that High Caliber will give you a 1.75x multiplier to the head on certain weapons, and he recommends it highly on Assault Rifles like the VAPR.

The Rampart on the other hand only receives a 1.3x headshot multiplier with High Caliber, however, you can use High Cal 2 on the Rampart, which will extend this 1.3x multiplier to the chest.

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On the Tactical Rifles, the AUGER and the Swordfish, you will typically reduce the shots to kill by one with High Caliber if you hit a headshot.

You can watch XclusiveAce’s full video explaining different headshot damage variables, both with and without High Caliber, below.