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What’s coming to Modern Warfare & Warzone this week: Free MP, new modes

Published: 11/Aug/2020 11:28

by Calum Patterson


Infinity Ward have revealed what’s coming to both multiplayer and Warzone in Modern Warfare this week, in time for an extended free access multiplayer weekend, continuing until Wednesday, August 12.

If you’re strictly a Warzone player and haven’t upgraded to the full Modern Warfare game, then you’re in luck, as multiplayer is staying free-to-play until 10am PT on August 12.

The multiplayer modes are ideal for ranking up weapons and unlocking attachments to use in Warzone, and this is even easier with the ‘Shoot the Ship’ playlist coming back.

Free multiplayer weekend in Modern Warfare
Infinity Ward
The free access multiplayer weekend is running until August 12.


IW have revealed that The Free Access Multiplayer playlist will become Shoot the Ship (a mix of modes on Shoothouse and Shipment) on August 11. These close quarters maps will ensure you don’t waste any time leveling up your weapons of choice.


Additionally, the Bare Bones playlist will also be available. This classic MP mode takes away all the extras like killstreaks, perks and field upgrades, leaving just you and your weapon.

Oil Rig in Modern Warfare
Infinity Ward
Try out Bare Bones for a stripped-back multiplayer experience.

You can also try out 3v3 Gunfight Blueprints, which will let you test out some of the blueprints available in the store, before adding them to your personal loadouts.

If you’re more of a Hardcore player, there is Hardcore TDM and Kill Confirmed, as well as the option for 24/7 Shoot the Ship.

Mace bundle in Modern Warfare
Infinity Ward
Rock this new Mace bundle, ‘Executive Armorer’.

Also coming this week is the ‘Executive Armorer’ bundle for Mace, which sees him donning a gold face mask and a legendary blueprint with gold tracer rounds.



For Warzone, the fast and frenetic ‘Mini Royale’ is available this week. This version of Warzone cuts out pretty much all of the early game and drops you in the thick of it, replicating the final few circles of a regular match.

Players in Stadium in Warzone
Infinity Ward
Mini-royale is just like playing the final few circles of a regular Warzone match.

There’s also Solos Stimulus/Buy Back (where you’ll respawn automatically as long as you have enough cash when you are eliminated), plus the regular Duos, Trios, Quads, and Plunder Quads.

CoD Mobile

Season 9 of CoD Mobile also starts this week, and there’s lots of new content there too. You can check out everything coming in the big Season 9 update here.


This week also saw the start of teasers for Call of Duty 2020, which is yet to get an official name but is expected to be called Black Ops: Cold War. Easter Egg hunters solved the clues to uncover the date of the next teaser already.