What can you unlock in the new "Operation: First Strike" in Black Ops 4's Black Market? - full details - Dexerto
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What can you unlock in the new “Operation: First Strike” in Black Ops 4’s Black Market? – full details

Published: 19/Oct/2018 18:47

by Albert Petrosyan


The first ever Operation promo event has gone live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and it’s called Operation: First Strike. 

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Available via the game’s micro-transaction hub known as the Black Market, Operations are seasonal events in Black Ops 4 which allow players to earn a new batch of content, called Contraband, every couple of months.

First Strike is a 200 tier Operation, with each tier offering some sort of cosmetic item, which can include: all-new Blackout characters, Signature Weapons, Specialists outfit skins, and tags/gesture emotes. 

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Players who manage to reach the 200th tier unlock the ‘Blinding Glory’ – an Ultra level Signature Weapon version of the ICR assault rifle. 


The Blinding Glory features a progression package that includes the Reactive Camo and Summon Mastercraft (Mastercrafts are cosmetic variations of base weapons). 

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Additionally, player who reach tier 200 will also unlock the Hudson, which was just added to the mode with the launch of Operations.

Hudson is a playable character in Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode.

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On their way to leveling up to the 200th tier, players will also unlock special items known as ‘Reserves,’ which are cases that will grant players a single item. 

It is not yet known whether the items in these Reserves are exclusive to Operation: First Strike, or if they can also be acquired through regular micro-transactions. 


As of now, players are still unable to level up the tiers in the Contraband system, as all of the items in Operation First Strike are still locked.

The in-game menu shows that the Operation will be live for the next 53 days, which would put its end sometime between December 10-11, so players will have more than enough time to grind out the tiers once they become available.