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What are all of the Black Ops 4 Specialists? Equipment, Abilities and more

Published: 9/Oct/2018 14:43 Updated: 9/Oct/2018 15:58

by Ross Deason


Black Ops 4’s multiplayer mode will see the return of ‘Specialists’, here’s everything you need to know about them.

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Much like in Black Ops 3, the Black Ops 4 Specialists will have their own special ‘Abilities’. However, they will also have their own unique piece of ‘Equipment’. Both will recharge over a period of time.

The game will ship with a total of 10 Specialists. You can find the Specialist Equipment and Specialist Ability for each of them below.

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Specialist Ability: Tempest – The Tempest tactical rifle shoots electrically charged rounds that electrocute and incapacitate enemies. The shock can continue to branch off and hit other players until the original one has died, meaning that you chain together kills.


Specialist Equipment: Seeker Shock Mine – A tactical item that hunts down enemies and gives them shocks when deployed. Causes temporary paralysis.


  • Specialist Ability: Barricade – Torque players will be able to provide a reinforced shield of protection while securing objectives. Enemies that come into contact with the shield will be slowed down and take damage over time. Can be deactivated at will.
  • Specialist Equipment: Razor Wire – Does exactly what it says on the tin; place razor wire around objectives to slow down enemies.

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  • Specialist Ability: War Machine – A returning classic, the War Machine is a grenade launcher that fires grenades. The grenades will bounce around before detonating unless they hit an enemy directly.
  • Specialist Equipment: Cluster Grenade – A grenade item that sticks to surfaces and fires a number of smaller grenades.


  • Specialist Ability: Vision Pulse – Sends a pulse into the surrounding area and reveals any nearby enemies for a short period of time. Can be seen by all teammates.
  • Specialist Equipment: Sensor Dart – A piece of equipment that reveals nearby enemies when placed. Can be seen by all teammates.


  • Specialist Ability: Ballistic Shield – A shield that can be used in conjunction with a built-in pistol. Extremely durable.
  • Specialist Equipment: 9-Bang – A tactical grenade that flashes and stuns opponents at the same time. Can be made to detonate more than once.


  • Specialist Ability: Purifier – A flamethrower that torches anyone in its path. Shoots a steady flow of fire and destruction.
  • Specialist Equipment: Reactor Core – Produces a radioactive area that damages enemies that get too close by reducing their maximum health for a while.


  • Specialist Ability: Attack Dog – Send out a hound to patrol an area, or call it in to follow you around as a guard dog.
  • Specialist Equipment: Mesh Mine – Traps that connect to form tripwires that explode on detonation.


  • Specialist Ability: TAK-5 – Boosts your max health and heals. Removes wounds for a total of five players, including the user. Can be used through walls.
  • Specialist Equipment: Assault Pack – Available to all teammates when deployed. Provides ammunition that gives a bonus score for taking down enemies.


  • Specialist Ability: Annihilator – An exceptionally powerful pistol that fires high caliber rounds with extra bullet penetration.
  • Specialist Equipment: Tac Deploy – A beacon that allows teammates to return to a certain area when deployed.


  • Specialist Ability: Grave Slam – A body slam of sorts that delivers a lethal amount of damage to enemies caught within a certain radius.
  • Specialist Equipment: Grapple Gun – A grappling device that allows you to other locations significantly quicker.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be released on October 12 worldwide. Keep an eye out for more tips and guides in the coming days.