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Watch shroud’s best plays from day one of the PC Blackout beta

Published: 15/Sep/2018 14:36

by Calum Patterson


Fans had high expectations of Twitch streamer shroud’s first experience of Call of Duty’s Blackout mode on PC, and he didn’t disappoint, serving up many highlight reel moments.

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Real name Michael Grzesiek, shroud was formerly a professional CS:GO player, and is known for his incredible aim with a keyboard and mouse, transitioning to battle royale game PUBG when he retired from CS:GO competition.

Because the Blackout beta was only available on PlayStation 4 for the first four days, the Twitch star was forced to dust off his controller to get his first experience of the new game.


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After getting used to the toggle aim, shroud was back to taking names in no time, hitting some ridiculous shots, only heightening the anticipation to see what he would be capable of when back on PC.

The PC beta for Blackout dropped on September 14, and shroud didn’t disappoint, at least after dealing with some frame rate issues, with this crazy two piece sniper spree likely the pick of the bunch.

And this next clip is exactly why you should never try to flank shroud – especially when he has a full kitted out Paladin in his hands.


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It’s not just the sniper that shroud can make the flashy plays with either. Fans who watched him during the Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta will remember his liking to the tomahawk throwing axe, and he is putting it to good use in Blackout too.

Here’s shroud hitting a casual 360 tomahawk on the final opponent.

And then here’s shroud somehow landing a perfect tomahawk high through the window of the barn – and cleaning up all their teammates too.

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Shroud will be getting in some more practice while the beta is on, as he is set to take part in the Doritos Bowl tournament on October 27 – only a couple of weeks after Black Ops 4’s release.


The tournament will see four teams, with shroud, Ninja, CouRage and DrLupo captains, compete in the first official Blackout tournament.

Many are picking CouRage’s team as the early favorites, since he is joined by three current/former pro CoD players, but if the tournament is played on PC, no one should be writing off shroud.