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Warzone’s no glint bug returns to make snipers more OP than ever

Published: 29/Jun/2021 11:33

by Connor Bennett


Warzone’s annoying no glint bug with sniper scopes has returned in Season 4, making the long-range weapons even more deadly than before, seeing as you won’t get a heads up as to where they are.

Warzone has suffered through some strange bugs and glitches over the last year, with Raven Software hard at work to try and root them out where possible.

One of the most annoying bugs has revolved around sniper scopes not giving off a glint when they’re aiming in. The spec of light that shows up when a sniper is scoped in on a position gives players a brief heads up on the possibility of a long-range fight.


The devs had rolled a fix out for it back in May, but with Season 4 in full swing, the bug has seemingly returned and is annoying players to no end.

Warzone sniper
Snipers are needed in Warzone given the size of Verdansk.

Plenty of players have encountered the problem yet again, believing it’s pretty much limited to the Cold War snipers – mainly KAR and Swiss 31 – as well as Modern Warfare’s HDR.

The HDR only seems to not show a glint when the multizoom sight is attached, which was happening back when the bug first cropped up a few seasons ago.

“I’ve had a much harder time finding snipers since the season started. Definitely less scope glint,” said Redditor Designer-Strength125 “Sometimes I’ll see a glint but often I’m not and dying because of it,” added another fan.

So apparently cold war snipers now have no glint ….. from CODWarzone

Other fans have gone directly to Raven, making them aware of the bug on Twitter, however, the devs have yet to respond.

With the bug seemingly being temperamental, and not happening at all times, it could be difficult for the devs to truly root it out.

If they do respond or roll out a hotfix, we’ll be sure to have an update.