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Warzone’s main battle royale mode is apparently “ruined” for casual players

Published: 10/Aug/2021 12:04

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players believe the Verdansk BR mode is now “ruined” for casual players thanks to cheaters, with many moving over to Rebirth Island and Plunder modes as a result. 

Warzone has, for quite sometime now, been dealing with a hacking problem. It’s nigh on impossible to have a session of games and not have at least one ruined by cheats.

A number of players have started to ditch the CoD battle royale in favor of Apex Legends and other titles, but there are plenty still grinding away, hoping that things get straightened out.

Though, not everyone can dedicate hours to grinding the battle royale. Some players only have a few games in them during the week due to commitments elsewhere and for these players, playing on Verdank has become difficult.


Warzone train line
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

Warzone fan YourMumsPal claimed that the Verdansk BR mode is “nearly inaccessible” for casual players given it’s impossible to distinguish between hackers and good players, as well as having little time grind the new Cold War weapons.

“You get annihilated in 2-3 seconds by a player with a Krig shooting uphill from halfway across the map – maybe he’s just a great shot or maybe he has an aimbot,” they said. It’s impossible to distinguish in most cases.”

Other players quickly agreed with their assessment but believe the issues stem from more than just cheaters. The “zero recoil” assault rifles are also to blame, according to some, as is the increased difficulty in leveling up weapons.


Verdansk BR is nearly inaccessible on a casual level right now from CODWarzone

“One of the main reasons for all of your issues is that Warzone was ruined by the Cold War integration,” added one player, who noted that ever since Cold War took over Warzone, the battle royale has become a “s**tshow.” Another added: “Haven’t played since the new map came out, ruined it for me.”

Others suggested that a permanent switch to Rebirth is the answer. “Facts, I moved to Rebirth and never looked back,” said one. “I refuse to play Verdansk and only play rebirth to play with friends as it’s more casual and less time-consuming if we do find a cheater or have a bad drop,” added another.


Of course, some fans still love Verdansk, it is the game’s original home after all. However, there appears to be a growing sentiment that maybe the battle royale is better off without it.