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Warzone YouTuber JGOD reveals how to get easier lobbies without reverse boosting

Published: 18/Mar/2021 16:57

by Jacob Hale


JGOD has become one of the most well-known Warzone YouTubers in the space, with in-depth analysis and data to showcase everything players need to know about the game.

Whether it be how certain weapons or attachments work or the best ways to play different rotations, JGOD has a video for just about everything.

In the past, he’s spoken a lot about reverse boosting, which has become a popular method for players to manipulate their skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) and get into easier lobbies.

With many top streamers accused of doing it, it’s something that most players say shouldn’t be allowed, and that if SBMM is in the game everyone should have to play it fairly.

Stitch operator in arzone Black Ops Cold War
Call of Duty players have complained for years about skill-based matchmaking in the game.

But, of course, if you can get into easier lobbies without having to tank your own Kill/Death ratio, you’ll want to do it — and JGOD knows the best way.

It might not exactly be a trick that you can use to manipulate lobbies, but JGOD says in his March 18 video that the time of day you play could be the most important factor.

Discussing some research done by another Warzone player, JGOD looks at average KDs and how SBMM can be affected. He provided viewers a graph of the best and worst times to play, in accordance with how strong SBMM is at certain times.

“Skill-based matchmaking is at its strictest from 8PM to 2AM and is toned down significantly between 3AM to 7AM local time,” he said. “In the middle of the night you’re going to end up having some really sweaty lobbies, and as it gets towards 7 or 8AM… that is your highest chance of getting into a Bronze, Silver or Gold lobby.”

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As JGOD points out, if you’re over a 1.1KD you are part of the top 20% of players and therefore most likely to find yourself in lower-end Diamond or high-end Platinum lobbies (lobby status according to SBMMWarzone).

So, it’ll be worth trying to jump on at different times of the day to see when the easier lobbies pop up, but it might mean waking up a couple of hours earlier before school or work to really take advantage.