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Warzone victory bug takes out annoying cutscene and players love it

Published: 24/Oct/2021 2:12

by Alan Bernal


A bug in Call of Duty: Warzone has removed the “helicopter” cutscene after getting a victory, instead playing a ‘Last Kill’ cam. The bug has been described as a blessing though, with players preferring the glitched version over the original.

The reward for a Warzone victory is a ton of XP to your name and a clever cutscene that mimics a movie credit with the names of players from that lobby. It’s a fine way to end a game before loading up the next match but anticlimactic for being the last remaining team.

This is where some players think Warzone can turn to its Call of Duty roots with a simple kill cam to switch it up from what people are already used to.


To Reddit user Don_Pakundo’s surprise, their game-winning moment wasn’t accompanied by the same old cutscene.

No Victory Chopper ride?!! Final kill cam instead? Ever seen this? from CODWarzone

“It must be [a glitch],” they said.

“The screen went black for a minute or two before it took us back to the lobby. I’ve never seen in any of my 749 wins before that. Maybe it’s some bonus for win #750? I don’t know.”

Instead of playing out the final cutscene, a Warzone bug replayed the last frag for everyone in the player’s team to see.

This instantly drew shocked reactions from the squad when they saw the alternate ending. There was a sense of bewilderment from the bug but also a ton of hype when they got to relive the winning moment.


warzone victory cutscene
Typically after you win a game of Warzone, it cuts away to you flying out in the helicopter.

Other than the kill cam, there wasn’t anything particularly special about the ending. Still, Warzone community members agreed that this was an overall improvement to what we already have.

“Hopefully this is an early test or accidentally triggered already implemented code for what’s coming in the Vanguard WZ update,” one person said. “I’d much prefer this.”

How Warzone will change when Vanguard comes out remains to be seen. But if this is an experimental change then players are already loving it.