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Warzone update 1.41 patch notes: Pre-game lobby loadout changes

Published: 24/Aug/2021 10:18 Updated: 24/Aug/2021 12:13

by James Busby


A surprise update has been released for Warzone and Modern Warfare, bringing with it the return of an old feature. 

Warzone’s Season 5 update brought with it new Perks, weapons, map changes, and a Rush-inspired Gulag. While many players are still getting to grips with all these new features, many fans will want to know what is in the new 1.41 patch. Unlike previous updates, 1.41 doesn’t have a long list of bugfixes or weapon balance changes. 

Despite this, update 1.41 has finally brought back the mid-game loadout edit feature to Warzone and Modern Warfare. The feature was introduced to Warzone in Season 4, but it was ultimately removed due to various bugs and exploits. However, update 1.41 has finally brought this highly requested feature back. 


Warzone update 1.41 patch notes

Raven Software originally disabled the ability to edit loadouts in Warzone’s pre-game lobby after players found an exploit that gave them free camos, blueprints, and Infinite Dead Silence

Since then, Warzone and Modern Warfare players haven’t been able to edit their loadouts mid-game. This was obviously a frustrating issue, particularly for Modern Warfare fans who couldn’t experiment with various attachments during multiplayer matches. 

Dead Silence bug Warzone
Treyarch / Activision
The unlimited Dead Silence glitch was a huge problem in Season 4.

Fortunately, Raven Software has now reintroduced this popular feature in its surprise 1.41 update. While the developers didn’t release any official patch notes, they did tweet out the following: 

“As some of you have noticed, mid-match Loadout editing has been reenabled for Warzone pre-match lobby, Plunder, and Modern Warfare multiplayer. Enjoy!” 


This means players can go back to experimenting with various attachments in both Warzone’s pre-game lobby and Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. With this feature now firmly back in both games, many fans will be hoping that it stays around for good. 

A number of players have also discovered that the update has also changed the Warzone and Modern Warfare lobby screens. Quite what this all means remains to be seen, but for now, that’s all the news we have.