Warzone trick-shotter goes viral with sniping twist on Battlefield's "Rendezook" - Dexerto
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Warzone trick-shotter goes viral with sniping twist on Battlefield’s “Rendezook”

Published: 13/Jun/2021 1:10

by Theo Salaun


A Call of Duty: Warzone player has gone viral across TikTok and Twitter as the game’s stars react to an absurd trick shot he hit, which is a sniping twist on Battlefield’s iconic “Rendezook” play.

Trick shots are ingrained in Call of Duty culture so it should be no surprise that the community gets excited about new ones. And excitement is precisely what TikTok’s DarthTedwards got, as his clever snipe got serious gas from many of Warzone’s biggest streamers.

CoD’s battle royale has seen 360 snipes, seat-swap kills, and a variety of weird instruments used to secure kills. But one trick shot that hasn’t quite been pulled off is the “Rendezook,” a maneuver made popular in Battlefield.


The Rendezook is when a player jumps out of their aircraft, quickly destroys an enemy aircraft, and hops back into theirs while still mid-air (as can be seen in the Battlefield 2042 trailer). Although DarthTedward’s play isn’t identical, it’s a creative twist on the play — using a sniper and a helicopter in Verdansk.

As you can see in the clip, Darth floats his helicopter near an unsuspecting enemy, jumps out, snipes his victim with a Kar98, then manages to get back into the chopper’s driver’s seat before it crashes to the ground.

He then stabilizes the helicopter, lets out an “I did it. Let’s go!” and goes along his merry way.


And after the clip made its way to TikTok, where it quickly blew up, Darth was hoping streamer IceManIsaac might notice it on Twitter. It’s a nasty trick shot though, so he got much more than he wished for.

Not only did Isaac respond and re-tweet it, other major streamers got involved as well. Among them, FaZe’s Warzone trick shot king, NioRooch gave it love — as well as content creators like JGOD, UnRationaL, JaredFPS, and Bartonologist. 

Now, all we need is someone to perfect the Rendezook in Warzone. Just need a pretty rare recipe to pull it off: RPG, helicopter, and an enemy helicopter. Maybe Darth will try to get that done next.