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Warzone streamer proves console players are villains with obnoxious winning kill

Published: 23/Oct/2021 0:52

by Theo Salaun


There’s many ways to win a game of Call of Duty: Warzone. But some methods are more… villainous than others, as proven by console streamer ReidBoy, who put a random player through hell for a victory.

Most people can remember what it feels like to be new to a game or, even simpler, to be not-so-incredible at a game. It’s hard to know what’s happening and how to react in certain situations.

Good players, on the other hand, can take advantage of those inadequacies. Like a cat toying with a mouse, experienced players can mess with their inexperienced counterparts. But perhaps no one has gone as far as ReidBoy.


One of the only tournament-placing Warzone streamers who plays on console, Reid took things to another level on Rebirth Island. Facing what seems to be an ill-equipped final enemy, the gamer went as far as you can for the winning kill.

Console Warzone player pulls off villainous winning kill

The clip is one minute and 28 seconds of absolute chaos. ReidBoy, sitting on 12 kills, smiles and goofs around with his team of three while one lone enemy fights for their life.

The streamer tries everything: spinning hip-fire snipes, jumping and spinning hip-fire snipes, and even blocking the victim off so they die to the gas. In the process, two of Reid’s teammates die and he’s left in a 1v1 against a guy with little-to-no ammo.


But the villainy continues and, after a few attempts to quick-scope, Reid ends up with the most obnoxious kill imaginable. After the enemy desperately stands on the streamer’s car, Reid drives the car off of the edge of the map. Then, there’s a splash, a loud death comm, and a victory screen.

Warzone bertha trucks
Warzone vehicles serve a lot of purposes, but not normally for sending enemies off the map.

We’ve seen streamers do a lot to troll casual players. At one point, TeeP went on a spree where he would stun and run around enemies until they ultimately just quit the game instead of waiting to die.

But Reid’s method has to be the most obnoxious yet, as he messed with this enemy for over a minute. And, in the end, he threw them into the water atop his own vehicle. 


The console vs PC conversation touches on aim assist, FOV, and the like. But, based on this evidence alone, one can probably settle a different, formerly untouched debate: console players are the most villainous of all.