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Warzone streamer gets revenge after being trolled by NICKMERCS

Published: 20/Oct/2021 1:13

by Alec Mullins


NICKMERCS is known to do a little bit of trolling in Warzone, but this streamer got the ultimate revenge after things went a little too far in a quads match on Verdansk. 

Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff and fellow FaZe Clan member Nio were paired up with another streamer in a random Warzone match where things went completely sideways for all parties. Initially, the two friends were just having some fun with their teammate who was trying to make it out of the gas.

Every time that the other player would catch up to the vehicle, however, Nick stepped on the gas, constantly keeping them out of reach of the car.


The group’s fun eventually ran out when another team initiated a fight and gives their third player time to catch up.

After clearing up the attacking squad, Nick saw the perfect opportunity to troll again. They get in the same car together but Nick dives out, sending the random flying into the storm alone.

NICKMERCS gets a healthy dose of karma

While the FaZe duo got a laugh out of this, the situation was far from being over.

They continued to abandon every car that their teammate jumped into in hopes of shaking the player off. After a few car-hopping merry-go-rounds, both parties finally separated and drove off in different directions. Well, at least that’s what they thought anyway.


Instead, the other streamer simply gave Nick enough time to let his guard down before crashing into his vehicle, tipping it over and eventually sending him to the Gulag.

Not one to be at a loss for words very often, Nick sat in stunned silence as he processed what had just happened to him.

The duo took it in good stride though, with Nio eventually saying: “You just gave him the Tiktok,” and Nick smiling before replying “I just got ratioed so hard right there.”

Let this be a reminder that sometimes being mean to your auto-fill teammates is simply not worth the effort, and that it could come back to cost you the game.