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Warzone streamer FaZe Booya hints at stream with 6ix9ine

Published: 15/Jun/2021 13:42

by Jacob Hale


FaZe Clan’s Booya is one of the best Warzone players in the world, and it looks like he’s being recognized as such by more than just the CoD community, with 6ix9ine now hitting him up to play together.

Booya makes up one part of the notorious Nuke Squad quartet in Verdansk, alongside fellow FaZe Clan members Swagg, Santana and JSmooth, all of whom are killing it on Warzone and YouTube.

Gaming has become far more than a niche hobby in recent years, with a number of huge celebrities across multiple industries getting involved in the likes of Fortnite, Warzone and more with some of the top pros.


Now 6ix9ine is looking to join the fray, and is hoping Booya will carry him to glory according to DMs between the two.

warzone nuke squad jsmooth swagg booya santana
Twitter: FaZe Swagg
Booya (middle right) makes up one fourth of the Nuke Squad.

6ix9ine DMs FaZe Booya to play Warzone

On Monday, June 14, Booya posted a screenshot of Instagram DMs between himself and the rapper — real name Daniel Hernandez — on Twitter, asking his followers whether they should “run it up.”

The DMs show Booya attempting to join 6ix9ine’s game but being unable to join his lobby, despite just finishing up a 6-hour tournament with no issues.

After the controversial artists said he was “about to drop 20” in their game, Booya promises to “run it soon,” suggesting we might be seeing the two hit Verdansk sooner rather than later.


As you could imagine, the responses to this were very mixed. Some followers, such as Jfraz, said “I would stay as far away from that dude as I could” if it was in his hands, clearly not a fan.

Meanwhile, many said how great the content would be. Drew said it would “make a great video,” while jeffy_mack agreed that “the content would be crazy.”

Either way, it’s definitely turned some heads already, and there’s no doubt Booya would get some new eyes on his stream if he played with 6ix9ine, even if just out of pure curiosity at whether the rapper can really hang.