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Warzone streamer devises genius way to counter enemies using the stim glitch

Published: 26/Jan/2021 11:42

by Connor Bennett


Some Call of Duty Warzone players have got a pretty unique trick that perfectly counters the annoying stim glitch, but some fans aren’t entirely sure about it.

Warzone has cemented itself as one of, if not the premier battle royale games around. However, it’s still got plenty of issues that annoy players. 

Since the move to integrate Black Ops Cold War happened, players have complained about broken weapons, the layout of the new Gulag, the return of the invisible player bug, as well as the infinite stim glitch.

The last one is a pretty big bug, given that players are able to stand pretty much anywhere in the gas and win thanks to having an unlimited stim. Some players though, have got their own spin on things. 


stimshot in cod black ops cold war
The Stim Shot returned in Black Ops Cold War, working in the same way as Modern Warfare and Warzone.

It comes from Twitch streamer opmarked and his group of teammates, who figured out the exact cost needed to buy enough Munitions Boxes from the buy station to survive until the end. It’s $100,000 if you want to know. 

By buying enough boxes, his team was able to continuously juggle them outside the zone so that they didn’t despawn. Placing one down when he needed a stim boost, the streamer simply had to juggle them afterwards to keep it going. 

Though he was well outside the circle, he was able to keep stimming – just like the stim glitch users would – in order to win the game.


The Legit Stim Play from CODWarzone

While many players praised the ingenuity of the tactic, some weren’t fully convinced. “I still find it ridiculous that it’s possible to win like this,” commented one. 

“No, this is just as bad as the stim glitch,” said another, while a third player added: “I would still ban him for exploiting.”

The streamer’s tactic is a legal one, of course, you’ve got to pull off at least 10 contracts – including the Most Wanted – and grab a few kills to even get close to enough money.

Though, it does highlight that there are different ways to stim glitch rather than just the one some players use now. So, it might prompt the developers to make a change moving forward.