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Warzone Season 5 update makes highly requested change to ziplines

Published: 13/Aug/2021 17:50

by Jacob Hale


Ziplines have become a staple feature of Call of Duty battle royale title Warzone, offering players the ability to easily scale tall buildings without wasting time running up stairs — but they’ve changed massively after the Season 5 update.

Ziplines were added to Warzone all the way back in August 2020, during Modern Warfare’s fifth season, and have faced their first major change one year later.

These are most effective in areas such as Downtown, where tall buildings such as Nakatomi Plaza can have a huge impact on the flow of that area of the map. If you control the plaza and get a long-range weapon in hand, you can easily spray down on your opponents.


The main issue with these ziplines, though, is that in squad-based modes, you’ll almost always find one player camping at the top of a zipline, making sure their team’s precious rooftop camping spot isn’t invaded.

warzone zipline plaza
Pushing rooftop campers is about to become even more interesting.

While sometimes you might get lucky and catch them with some perfect CoD timing, this almost always results in imminent and frustrating death.

This may be a problem of the past, however, as the Warzone devs have made a serious alteration to the ziplines that make them not only safer, but a much more diverse tool as well.

Since the Season 5 update, you can now actually detach yourself from a zipline before it reaches the top, allowing you to drop back to the ground or even redeploy your parachute and glide off to safety.


warzone zipline changes season 5
This feature definitely came out of nowhere, but is already proving popular with players.

There’s no telling how many lives this new feature will save, especially since it’s relatively easy to accidentally attach yourself to a zipline, or simply because you hear enemies above as you’re flying up them.

This feature already appears to be a hit with the Warzone community, and it should stay that way once the news becomes more widespread.