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Warzone BOCW Season 2 weapon buffs and nerfs we want to see

Published: 22/Feb/2021 13:47

by James Busby


The Warzone Season 2 update will likely shake up the current weapon meta rankings, so what guns could receive buffs and nerfs?

Warzone Season 2 is just around the corner and players are eager to sink their teeth into the new wave of content that is hitting Verdansk. While the update will be focused on various map changes, new weapons, and the addition of the Exfiltration mode, Activision will likely make various adjustments to the game’s current weapons. 

Despite the DMR dominating the competition at the start of Season 1, the Warzone meta has actually been fairly healthy. Of course, that hasn’t stopped a number of guns from taking the spotlight. While we’ll need to wait for the official Season 2 patch notes to confirm Warzone’s weapon changes, we’d love to see these adjustments in the upcoming update. 


All Warzone Season 2 nerfs we want to see


FFAR 1 Warzone loadout
The FFAR 1 is currently the most popular AR in Warzone.

The FFAR 1 is currently the most overpowered AR in Warzone. This lightning-fast AR boasts a ludicrous rate of fire, minimal recoil, and high damage. In fact, Black Ops Cold War’s FFAR 1 can even rival the game’s SMGs, making it extremely potent in both mid and close-quarter firefights. 

It’s certainly not hard to see why the majority of Warzone Season 1 lobbies are currently filled with this deadly Assault Rifle. After all, there are very few downsides to using this gun. Pair it with a MAC-10 SMG or a Kar98k and you have a recipe for an incredibly overpowered combo. Due to the FFAR 1’s sheer popularity, we think Activision has its sights set on this OP AR. 



MAC 10
Activision / Treyarch
Could the MAC-10 receive another nerf in Warzone Season 2?

The next Black Ops Cold War weapon to join our hit list is the MAC-10 SMG. While the MP5 may have domineered Verdansk since Warzone release, the addition of the MAC-10 quickly changed that dynamic. Despite receiving nerfs to its headshot multiplier, this pint-sized SMG  still dominates the close-quarters competition. 

Our very own MAC-10 loadout comes packed with a lightning-fast rate of fire, ludicrous hip-fire accuracy, and decent damage to boot. Combine this with the gun’s 53 Rnd Mag and incredibly mobility, and you have a gun that can drop multiple foes in a matter of seconds. Whether Activision will tune down the MAC-10 current performance remains to be seen, but here’s to hoping for a few Season 2 tweaks. 



Activision / Treyarch
The M16 proves that burst rifles can compete in Warzone.

While the M16 hasn’t proved as popular as the FFAR 1 or DMR loadouts, it has slowly been creeping into the spotlight. In fact, a lot of CoD pros and streamers have started to showcase how overpowered the M16 truly is in Warzone. Recently, 100 Thieves’ Tommey shared his “broken” M16 loadout, which he has been using to wreak havoc across Verdansk. 

Burst rifles aren’t usually popular in Warzone due to their lackluster fire rate and high recoil, but the M16 proves just how potent they can be. Fire rate really isn’t a problem here as this Tactical Rifle can shred through a fully armored player in just two bursts, making it extremely lethal across all distances.


If the M16 doesn’t receive a slight nerf in Season 2, then we expect to see this weapon rise in popularity. 

All Warzone Season 2 buffs we want to see

FR 5.56

FR.56 Warzone
Activision / Infinity Ward
The FR.56 is one of the most underused guns in Warzone for a good reason.

If Black Ops Cold War’s FFAR 1 gets a nerf, then we want Activision to buff the FR.56. Modern Warfare’s FAMAS variant has remained one of the least-used guns in Warzone since its release. Unlike the M16, the FR.56’s burst is incredibly slow and it gets outclassed every engagement against its semi-automatic cousins.

The FR.56 has remained at the bottom and we think it’s time Activision showed this rifle some love. Buffing the FR.56 would also give players another burst rifle to use, which would also drastically shake up the current AR meta.



The EBR could do with a little TLC in Warzone Season 2.

If you ever see an EBR on the ground in Warzone, then you’re almost always better off using your fists against your enemies. While being classified as a Markman Rifle, the EBR struggles to perform at any given range. This is partly down to the gun’s high vertical recoil and low bullet velocity, which makes landing follow-up shots incredibly frustrating. 

In its current state, this rifle gets outmatched by Warzone’s ARs and snipers, which leaves the EBR in a bad place. Raising the gun’s bullet velocity and reducing its visual recoil could greatly enhance the EBR’s current performance. While we never want to go back to the DMR problems that plagued Verdansk, it would be great to see another Marksman Rifle in the meta. 


The ISO lacks the punch of Warzone’s other SMGs.

This SMG is one of the worst guns in its class. Not only is this thing a hit marker machine, but it has also seen little to no play since its release in Modern Warfare Season 5. Even with the 50-Round Drum magazine, the ISO struggles to compete against the likes of the MP7, MP5, and MAC-10 loadouts. However, with a little buff to its damage, this SMG might be able to finally get the break it needs.

So, there you have it, six guns that we’d like to see buffed or nerfed in Warzone Season 2. 

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