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Warzone Rebirth Island player left mindblown after facing CDL star Shotzzy

Published: 1/Oct/2021 22:00

by Theo Salaun


A Call of Duty: Warzone player had the misfortune of running into CDL MVP Shotzzy on Rebirth Island and, quite frankly, had absolutely no idea what hit him — as evidenced by a stunned death comm.

Many of Warzone’s faithful players shifted over to Rebirth Island for a bit more of a casual experience. While it’s still a battle royale, games take less time in the mode and they let people re-deploy without needing to hit the Gulag. 

Unfortunately, while those aspects might make Rebirth Island feel less sweaty, there are still some demons on the map. And one player found that out the hard way, as they stumbled into Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro’s war path. 


Named Call of Duty League MVP during the Modern Warfare season, Shotzzy is blessed with the sticks on that title. And, returning to those mechanics during the CDL offseason, the Dallas Empire pro put an entire Rebirth Island team in a blender.

CDL MVP smokes Rebirth Island players

In just 43 seconds, Shotzzy dropped five players. Despite misjudging when one enemy would peek him at the start, the pro player proceeded to pull out the Kar98k and OTs 9 for kill after kill.

About 14 seconds in, following a snipe into an immediate, sliding chall, the lone death comm is heard: “Bro, who is this n***a?”

And, since death comms only work one way (to the dismay of certain Warzone fans), we can all answer that question for the shocked, inquisitive ‘Ruki’: It was literally Shotzzy, a guy who gets paid to play the game. (And one who was so good that he got crowned MVP on this game’s engine.)


shotzzy dallas empire cdl
Shotzzy has been an absolute monster in the CDL.

Overall, it’s not new for players to ask things like “who” or “how” when they get killed in Warzone. But, when a kill is so confusing that you’re left wondering who on earth could have done you that dirty — it’s pretty funny when your question is proven entirely justified.

While Ruki’s teammates probably thought he was exaggerating, he can now tell them that he was not and that it was literally a pro player. Although, they probably don’t think he was exaggerating, since they all seem to have gotten killed by Shotzzy just moments later.


Like the difference between pro and above-average player on Vanguard, or the difference between pro and streamer on Modern Warfare, this once again shows how wild the CoD skill gap can be.