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Warzone players want simple loot change to freshen up “boring” game

Published: 9/Feb/2021 10:05

by Connor Bennett


A number of Call of Duty Warzone players have called for a change to ground loot that would see it refreshed every week, with the aim of keeping the battle royale feeling fresh. 

When Warzone launched as a part of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, players questioned how it would evolve as new Call of Duty titles are released each year. The release of Black Ops Cold War answered that question, with the new game’s equipment taking the spot of the existing ground loot. 

The integration of Cold War hasn’t come without issue, either. Players have complained about broken weapons, new bugs it’s brought, as well as the change to Gulag.


Raven Software have been attempting to address the issues, but players have been demanding different changes over time to keep them interested in playing – instead of ditching the game for Apex Legends, Fortnite, or even PUBG.

Roze from Warzone running on a roof
Warzone has a mix of weapons and features from Modern Warfare and Cold War.

The newest call for a change comes in the form of changing ground loot. Some players have proposed the idea of refreshing the items every week or so, with the intention of keeping the game fresh. 

“Changing every season makes the game a little boring after a month or so,” said Reddit user renanxiterzz, who brought the idea of the change up.

Players immediately agreed with the thinking. “Hell yeah, I’m a little sick and tired of using the trash Milano or Pellington while searching for better weapons, said one. “Yes, should be as often as they change the weapons in the gulag,” added another. 


Ground loot should change every week! from CODWarzone

One player, JohnnyC908, agreed with the idea but noted it might bring about more problems than it would solve. “They can’t implement anything without new glitches. I’d hate to see what kind of weird s**t would happen if they started swapping out guns every week,” they said. 

Of course, while it’s a simple change, it could also drag up more arguments about gun balancing. Plus, some players wouldn’t want their rhythm disrupted by not being able to find a certain weapon, for example. 

The devs can, and have, listened to calls from players for changes but at the end of the day, it’s up to them to make the switch.