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Warzone players want Iron Trials to stay as permanent ranked mode

Published: 18/Sep/2021 11:17

by Joe Craven


Warzone players are calling for Iron Trials ’84 to stay as a permanent ranked mode for the CoD battle royale, following its hugely popular implementation during the Season Five Reloaded update. 

Warzone’s immense casual popularity has struggled to translate entirely to competitive play, with some criticizing how much the game (and other BRs) favor campers and generally defensive play-styles.

However, the addition of Iron Trials ’84 as the game’s new LTM has raised hopes that it could constitute the future of ranked Warzone.

The mode changes a few of Warzone’s most basic rules – much slower TTK; the weakening of sniper rifles, stun grenades and medical syringes, and Buy Station prices subject to significant inflation. There is also a complete ban on Dead Silence and Stopping Power.


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Iron Trials is a mode where the truly elite will excel.

One of the reasons it has remained so popular is that it widens Warzone’s fairly narrow skill gap, meaning the better players can excel and generally come out on top.

CouRageJD was a prominent voice to praise the mode, highlighting its changes and potential. “I’ve been extremely critical of Warzone lately, but Iron Trials ‘84 is awesome,” he said. “This should be the future of Warzone Ranked modes. So so dope.”

Plenty of players used Reddit to call for it as a permanent mode as well. ‘Spectral189‘ described it as “probably the best game mode” Warzone has ever had, and called for Solo, Duo and Trio versions to be implemented in the near future.


Similarly, ‘orderabi‘ described it as “by far the best thing Raven have ever done” and called for it to stay as a permanent feature.

Finally, ‘u119c‘ praised the mode’s changes: “I am absolutely loving the extended TTK and other little changes they have made. Sounds like they designed it for the super good players, but in my mind this is even better for the sh*tty players, like myself.”

Petition to keep Iron Trials permanent from CODWarzone

The amount of upvotes all the above posts received suggests that there are many in the community who echo their thoughts.

It’s up to Raven now but, given the incredible feedback, it does seem like Iron Trials will hang around for some time.