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Warzone players suggest new feature to embarrass early quitters

Published: 28/Sep/2021 10:43 Updated: 28/Sep/2021 10:45

by Connor Bennett


Warzone fans have come up with an idea that would embarrass players who quit on their team before everything is over, likely making them stick around a little longer. 

While Warzone gives you the option to find random teammates to fill your squad with, getting them to stick around and work as a functional team can be difficult – especially if they don’t communicate.

If you have a bad drop and the random teammate is quickly sent to the Gulag, you might never see them again. Many are more than happy to just quit and start up another game, leaving you at a disadvantage.


For a while now, Warzone fans have been suggesting ideas to stop this from happening – with many wanting a leaver penalty as we see in Apex Legends. However, some want a badge of dishonor.

Call of Duty Warzone two players firing weapons
Infinity Ward
Linking up with randoms can be quite the experience in Warzone.

The topic of punishing early quitters once again came up on social media with players, again, suggesting that a leaver penalty of sorts would address the issue.

Some others, like Redditor code_evans, suggested that Raven should make a tweak to player stats to add a ‘deserter’ or ‘AWOL’ stat that would stay on their permanent record and perhaps be displayed to future teammates, warning them that there may be trouble ahead.


This, of course, wouldn’t affect players who lag out but if you quit out before your race is run, you’d get a strike against your name. If implemented, Raven could even add a way to search by quitter stats so you can ignore those with a tendency to run away.

Warzone with strangers from CODWarzone

Other fans latched on to the idea and suggested a CS:GO-like cooldown system where if you quit a certain number of games in an hour or so, you’re locked out from searching for Warzone team games for say anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

While many players want punishments to be handed out, it is a difficult one to balance. Warzone is just a causal game, so if you prevent players from playing, they might just go elsewhere.


On the flip side, making players aware that punishments are possible if they quit out might train them to stick around longer. Though, it remains to be seen if the devs will actually do something.