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Warzone players suggest more perk changes to counter new perks

Published: 16/Aug/2021 10:23

by Connor Bennett


With Warzone’s Season 5 update bringing two new perks to the fold, some players want changes to existing crop to make things even more interesting. 

For quite some time now, Warzone players have set their loadouts up with the same perks – Double Time, Ghost, and Amped – with Cold Blooded, E.O.D, and Overkill getting some love at points.

Ahead of Season 5, Raven Software revealed that they’d be bringing two Warzone-specific perks to the battle royale in the form of Combat Scout and Tempered.

In the early days of the new season, both perks have caused issues – with players suggesting that Combat Scout is slightly too powerful given it is pretty much a legal wallhack. However, they have also been the source of some inspiration.


The MAC-10 loadout utilizes meta Warzone perks.

With the new perks giving players the chance to refresh their loadouts, some fans have suggested that Raven should have a bigger overhaul in store for the pre-existing perks.

The ideas come from Redditor Lma0-Zedong, who made the point that some perks may have been buffed recently, but given the new additions, those buffs haven’t gone far enough. “There are still many perks that hardly get use because the benefits they give are very niche or not that good at all,” they said.

In their suggestion, a buff to Battle Hardened would help combat some of the power of stun grenades, Killchain would allow you to carry two killstreaks instead of one, and Spotter would let you refill from enemy ammo boxes.


More perk changes would be great from CODWarzone

The Redditor also has three new perk ideas of their own, but it’s the buffs that got the most backing from players. “Fantastic ideas,” said one, while others had ideas of their own. “Killchain should also always give you priority air space so you never get that “unable to use airstrike” message,” suggested another. “While we’re at it could we make Ghost only work for actively moving players?” added another.

Of course, any changes would come from the developers, who have to walk the fine line of making the game fun but also competitive. Plus, with all the other issues in Warzone, a rejig of perks might not be too high on their list of things to do.