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Warzone players suggest major changes for “annoying” Gulag

Published: 28/Jun/2021 12:19

by Connor Bennett


Warzone players want some major changes made to the Gulag, and they’ve already suggested a few fixes that Raven could implement quite easily.

When Warzone first launched over a year ago, plenty of players raised concerns about the Gulag system, but it’s become a signature part of the battle royale.

In Season 4, the Gulag was updated to recreate the iconic Hijacked map from Black Ops 2, but players haven’t been won over by it just yet.

They’ve complained about the “terrible” audio in the new setup, as well as consistent complaints about the weapon selection, so, naturally, they want changes.


Warzone Season 4 Gulag
With a new Gulag rotating in every season, Hijacked will only be around for a few months.

Topping the list of changes they want is having a system in place where teammates can’t join the same gulag. This would speed up games and help prevent the imbalance between one team getting in the same gulag, and another not.

“There is nothing more annoying than going to the Gulag with a teammate and ending up in yours alone, and seeing 1 or sometimes even 2 of your opponent’s teammates above on the killcam,” said one player.

Another widely supported change was just simply making the Gulag smaller and cutting away all the unused space. While the map remakes have been cool, they’re annoying plenty of players for taking too long. “This gulag is the worst one yet. Audio is terrible, it’s way too big, and the win goes to whoever is camping their spawn.,” said one player. “Bring back the showers gulag,” suggested another.


Can we please raise the catwalk in the Gulag? from CODWarzone

Additionally, some players want a bigger financial incentive for winning in the Gulag – says leaving with just a little bit more money than before. These come on top of audio changes and cleaning up the weapon rotation.

It remains to be seen if their calls will be heard, and if Raven Software will implement some tweaks. Though, they probably wouldn’t happen overnight and would come later down the line.