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Warzone players suggest hilarious anti-cheat troll to combat hackers

Published: 25/Sep/2021 14:05

by Shay Robson


Warzone players have suggested a hilarious anti-cheat system to Activision, which would be sure to tilt any cheater and see their hacking efforts rendered futile. 

As Warzone’s cheating problems continue – with hackers becoming almost a standard in every lobby – more and more players are leaving the game for other well-known battle-royale titles.

While many players have left, some haven’t given up hope and are still eagerly suggesting their ideas to the developers.

It’s already been announced that Warzone is expecting a pretty big overhaul, which will include a long-awaited anti-cheat with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard in November, new and creative ideas on how Activision should combat cheaters are being suggested, and the latest idea is absolutely brilliant.


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With Warzone’s cheating issues being prevalent for quite a long time, players are understandably upset with Activision’s lack of action, but that didn’t stop players from beginning to put forward their ideas.

Some ideas could be taken seriously, and could potentially become a reality, but some are obviously just to have some fun, which brings us to the latest suggestion.

Mr Gibbon’s popular suggestion would see an invincible bot joining the lobby with only one goal: hunting the hacker down.

“Imagine if the anti-cheat was a bot that had one mission: drop into the game, target the hacker, and eliminate! As soon as the mission is done, they leave the game. Oh, and they have unlimited health.”


Of course, this is a very unlikely approach that the Warzone devs would take with their anti-cheat, but it’s pretty fun to imagine how it would tilt the cheaters that are continuously wreaking havoc in Verdansk. Its thousands of upvotes and appearances on Reddit reiterated just how popular it seemed to be.

There’s not long left until Warzone’s anti-cheat drops, which will hopefully prompt the return of the game’s most loved content creators.