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Warzone players outraged as Recon Contracts spawn in impossible to reach locations

Published: 24/Oct/2021 21:40

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players have access to Recon Contracts as a method to earn extra cash to spend at buy stations but they’re outraged as these are spawning in impossible-to-reach locations. 

When players drop into Verdansk they can find different types of contracts that spawn with ground loot.

While there are different variations, each of them grants weapon XP, regular XP, and more in-game cash based on the amount a player completes.

However, Warzone fans are really frustrated as Recon Contracts are spawning out of the map and are unable to be completed.

Recon Contracts Warzone
Warzone players can pick up Recon Contracts to earn extra cash but they are spawning in locations that can’t be reached.

Warzone players annoyed as Recon Contracts spawn out of map

Recon Contracts are a great method for Warzone players that want to earn quick and easy cash. To complete one, a player must pick up the contract, go activate the device, and then stand in it until it’s captured.


Reddit user, ‘Jetpere’ is one of many to post a video of this frustrating encounter with Recon Contracts. There is something going on with the spawns, as once players accept these contracts they are appearing in places that cannot be reached.

What kind of joke is this?? from CODWarzone

As seen in the clip, the player is running to the next location to complete the contract and earn $2,340. However, when they get into the building they notice that the recon box is on top of a chandelier they can’t get to.

In another Reddit thread, a second player finds one in the top of a tree, which once again can’t be activated.


This is costing players extra money that they can be earning, and is something that has been going on for quite some time. It is unknown why this only occurs randomly, with no word on when Activision will patch this annoying bug.