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Warzone players have perfect idea for new tactical killstreak

Published: 4/Aug/2020 11:17

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty Warzone players have got a pretty perfect idea for a killstreak that could be added to the battle royale to put a little tactical twist on rotating through open spaces.

Since releasing back in March, Warzone has quickly cemented itself among other top battle royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends while keeping its Call of Duty roots with features like killstreaks.

Players were pretty wary about the introduction of killstreaks back in the early days, but since then, the airstrikes and UAVs have become a key cog in the march to victory. Though, the Cluster Strike can still be pretty annoying. 


As the streaks become increasingly more needed to win, players have been coming up with their own ideas for things they’d like to see added. Now, we may never see an AC-130 looming in the skies above Verdansk, but more tactical ideas could be ideal. 

Warzone character calling in a killstreak
Infinity Ward
Warzone keeps true to it’s CoD roots with killstreaks.

A more tactical killstreak is exactly what Reddit user ForDaysDoe has up their sleeve with the idea of a smoke barrage. What would it do you ask?

Well, it wouldn’t be like a gas grenade where it’s an offensive item that keeps enemies back, but more along the lines of a bigger smoke grenade. According to the Redditor, it could be purchasable for around $3,000/$3,500 depending on the size of the area that the smoke would cover.


By throwing it down and getting a huge cloud of smoke going, you could easily cut off angles that enemies may have taken to catch you rotating in the open. 

Idea: Smoke Barrage from CODWarzone

Though, when you factor in potential balancing, it wouldn’t be too overpowered as a killstreak. Players could easily just bring back their thermal scopes. Plus, the huge cloud of smoke would give away their intentions pretty quickly. 

However, despite being a pretty ingenious idea, it’s unlikely that we see it in Verdansk. The devs are already full steam ahead, literally, on season five with the introduction of a train, new weapons, and a whole lot more.