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Warzone players get easy kills by baiting enemies with “play dead” strat

Published: 10/Aug/2020 1:53

by Theo Salaun


Warzone has been dominated by the Bruen MK9 and MP5 meta for a while now, but a crafty new strat appears to be emerging as Call of Duty players are playing dead to secure easy kills.

The crafty opossum defies its natural predators by playing dead and going into a comatose state upon being scared. This is involuntary, but acts as a natural defense mechanism causing predators to lose interest.

The crafty human has co-opted this tactic and put it to deadly use across Verdansk.


While the opossum only uses this stratagem for survival, the human, in his natural Verdansk environment, rapidly segues from prey to predator once their hunting opponent has let down their guard.

As evidenced by the Reddit user ‘Lambeauleap80,’ the nuances of this procedure yield devastating and hilarious results. By going prone and dropping the vast majority of their items (save for an incognito Throwing Knife), Lambeauleap80 is able to con an enemy into pure confusion — setting them up for one of the funniest death chat reactions you will hear across the Call of Duty wilderness.

I couldn’t stop laughing at this death chat reaction after faking my death actually worked from CODWarzone


Like the opossum decreasing its heart rate to confuse opponents, the sneaky human waits, completely prone and still, for their hunter to casually walk about the abundant loot they have dropped before deciding to strike. And once they strike, they remain prone, causing their hunter-turned-hunted opponent to assume they have been shot from afar and begin armoring up.


And it is at that moment that they strike, popping up and shocking the life out of their bamboozled foe with some quick punches. 

There is no telling what happened next, as the now-dead enemy told their teammates of the trickery he endured. But in the original example of playing dead, we did see how it played out, as Redditor ‘I_like_to_run__’ proved they also like to sneak in a smooth moment of outdoor deception.

As shown in that clip, this tactic can work even if you keep your guns on you. But, while you can secure a first kill relatively easily, it also leaves you at the mercy of the rest of an enemy’s team who are now hellbent on avenging their fallen comrade. 


All in all, it’s impressive to see humans learning from the glorious opossum. But it is an important lesson not to believe everything you see when you deploy into a high-stakes match in Verdansk too.