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Warzone players demand changes to “unusable” ground loot for Season 6

Published: 5/Oct/2021 11:37

by Jacob Hale


Warzone Season 6 is right around the corner and players are clamoring for major changes to the ground loot weapons available in Verdansk.

Ground loot weapons always feel like a lottery in Warzone. Sometimes you’ll pick up a single-fire Tec 9 and get caught out trying to spray, while other times you’ll find a decked-out MG82 ready to mow down anyone who crosses your path.

With Season 6 expected to be the last of the Black Ops Cold War integration, and Vanguard just around the corner, players are anticipating this season to round things out with a bang.

For many, that means a more refined selection in ground loot, with the options in Season 5 being referred to as “unusable.”


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Finding good floor loot in Warzone can be a tough task.

In the Season 5 ground loot, there are plenty of options across all ranges, including guns that are considered meta such as the MG82 and Stoner 63, but they can be very few and far between.

In a Reddit post, LegionOfGrixis begged the Warzone devs to “make Season 6 ground loot actually useable.”

They said: “The ground loot in season 5 went from horrible to slightly less horrible but still overall trash. I don’t know if you had some random intern do it but believe me it was terrible.”

They go on to offer some advice on what to include in ground loot, too. They call for SMG mags to be maxed out or at least upped slightly, reduce sniper spawn rates, and avoid thermal sights, among other things.


This isn’t the first time Warzone players have hit out at the game over poor ground loot weapons. There was serious frustration with the options available in Season 3, too, but not quite as bad as there is in Season 5.

A new season means brand new ground loot weapons, so it will be interesting to see how developers Raven change things up for Cold War’s last outing in Verdansk.