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Warzone players blast Buy Back as “worst mode” amid controversial playlist change

Published: 28/Aug/2021 10:37

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty players have hit out at the Buy Back modes added to Warzone in Season Five, calling them the “worst” and demanding Raven reinstate normal playlists as soon as possible. 

The weekly rotation of playlists in Warzone has become standard to any player, with Raven regularly trying to shake up the game’s formula and introduce some dynamic and enjoyable limited-time modes.

However, rather controversially, they chose to remove all the game’s standard playlists in favor of “Buy Back” variations of the classic Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads.

Buy Back modes have one major difference to standard modes – if players have enough cash they instantly drop back into the action, regardless of a Gulag or elimination. It affects the pace of matches, as well as making the collection of cash even more important.


Warzone Plunder Season Five Raven
Every Warzone player wants cash – but it’s a matter of life or death in Buy Back modes.

The initial removal was met with some backlash, but it appears to have grown as players strive for the standard Warzone experience.

One player – Redditor ‘Bio-Shocked‘ – called it the “worst mode” and asked why it had to replace normal modes, rather than be implemented alongside them.

“Why in the world would they completely remove regular BR for it?” they asked. “It is nothing like how the normal flow of the game would usually progress. Oh cool, you killed a team? Here comes another one. Oh, you barely managed them? The original team spawned back in, picked up their guns, and shot you in the back. Rinse and repeat.”


Other disgruntled players echoed the OP’s comments, stating that Buy Back modes give a completely different experience to the standard BR playlists.

One said: “It’s chaotic. The timing and pacing of everything is off.” Another referred to Buy Back as “trash”.

It does appear to be a weekly change, meaning that the week commencing August 30 should see a return to normal.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that some players have actually called for Buy Back Solos to replace regular Solos because of their faster pace and emphasis on aggression. Aren’t opinions wonderful?