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Warzone players angry with “clueless” Modern Warfare weapon nerfs in update

Published: 17/Aug/2021 10:40

by Connor Bennett


With Raven Software rolling out yet another update for Warzone, some players are frustrated with how far behind the Modern Warfare weapons have seemingly been left. 

The Warzone meta has constantly been in flux over the last two years as pretty much every type of weapon has had its moment in the spotlight.

Though, as Black Ops Cold War was integrated into the battle royale, there have been a few bumps along the way with bugs, glitches, and of course, hackers. In terms of the meta though, the Cold War weapons have taken over.

Plenty of players still have classes built around guns from Modern Warfare, but really, if you’re not using a Cold War weapon, you’re behind the eight ball. That, of course, has caused some issues.


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Raven Software
Warzone’s meta is constantly shifting with every single patch.

With Modern Warfare weapons already lagging behind in terms of power, the last thing many players wanted was another set of nerfs. Though, that’s what happened in the August 16 update. The AS Val, MP5, and a few others all took a big hit.

As a result, players have started to question why Raven had to target those weapons, as it seems like they’re trying to make them ‘irrelevant’ in a way. “We’re at a point where using MW loadouts is straight up putting yourself at a disadvantage,” said Redditor  o_oPeter. “I don’t like Cold War and I’m not going to grind Plunder games for hours straight to level CW guns.”


Others quickly echoed those thoughts, offering up solutions. “At this point just take MW weapons out of Warzone,” commented one player. “Make a separate playlist for only MW guns so we can have fun against without being completely outclassed.” Though, some just wanted to blast the devs. “Raven is absolutely clueless and this is made clear by their so-called “balancing” that they did in season 4,” said another player.

MW weapons are slowly nerfed into irrelevancy from CODWarzone

Some players suggested that the same cycle will continue when the battle royale moves to integrate with Vanguard, but it’ll be Cold War weapons taking the hit.

Of course, not every Modern Warfare weapon is useless. However, a quick look at the top 10 most-picked weapons on WZRanked shows that only three come from Modern Warfare.


A Season 5 reloaded update later this season could give some love to the Modern Warfare weapons, but for now, players aren’t best pleased.