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Warzone player recreates Rick Flag’s iconic Suicide Squad shotgun in-game

Published: 16/Aug/2021 17:48

by Jacob Hale


Rick Flag has become an iconic character from the DC Comics, and one dedicated fan has brought his favored shotgun to Verdansk by recreating it in Warzone.

Rick Flag wasn’t always a beloved character, but he definitely became a far more likable and capable leader in The Suicide Squad, a clear upgrade thanks to director James Gunn.

Flag can often be recognized carrying his shotgun, with much of the film’s art and promotional imagery showing him carrying it.

Now, one Warzone player has brought it to Verdansk and Rebirth Island, putting together the gun in a very off-meta build.


Rick Flag shotgun suicide squad
DC Films
Rick Flag’s shotgun has become an iconic image for fans of the DC character.

The best part about the Warzone gunsmith is the options it gives players. You can make one gun do so many different things thanks to the attachments available.

One thing the Warzone devs probably didn’t anticipate, though, was players putting together builds based on popular weapons from the big screen, as parz1valt did here.

As it turns out, it’s fairly simple to recreate Flag’s shotgun in Warzone, using the 725 from Modern Warfare. Here are the attachments needed to replicate it as accurately as possible:

  • Barrel: Tempus 32” Competitor
  • Stock: Cronen Equilibrium
  • Ammunition: Slug Rounds
  • Guard: Tempus SlimGrip
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

Obviously, it’s impossible to recreate the shotgun perfectly, as you are limited to what’s available in the game, but this isn’t too far off it.


The main problem with this is that it’s pretty restrictive when it comes to actually getting kills in the game. If you’re looking to have a bit of fun with your friends, it could be a laugh, but we would expect to spend a lot of time in the Gulag.