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Warzone player goes Fast & Furious in the most ridiculous motorcycle clip ever

Published: 22/Aug/2021 22:40 Updated: 22/Aug/2021 23:05

by Julian Young


Most Warzone fans will pick a Chopper or Bertha as their ride of choice, but other vehicles like the Dirt Bike can still be a formidable force — as one player put on display in what looked like a sequence pulled from a Fast & Furious movie.

When dropping into Verdansk, whether as a solo player or one part of a full squad, incorporating resilient vehicles like the Bertha truck or mobile platforms like the BR’s Choppers is often a crucial part of your strategy.


Despite their low usage in Warzone, Dirt Bikes can still be a formidable tool in the right hands, and whether it was through skillful practice or an abundance of luck, one player was able to put their bike to use in series of events that would make Dom Toretto proud.

Warzone Dirt Bike Verdansk
They aren’t the most powerful vehicle in Verdansk, but dirt bikes can still do some damage.

In a clip shared to Reddit by ‘u/Rikuzi,’ the Warzone player can be seen speeding along on their Dirt Bike as an enemy player follows close behind, seated comfortably behind the wheel of a Bertha.

As the player’s bike soared over a small ledge, they spun through the air and pulled off an impressive 180, but it was not enough to avoid the massive armored truck hurtling towards them as it coasted over the same ledge.


Despite what many would accept as an instant death sentence, the enemy’s truck slid over the player’s head, leaving not even a scratch, and then grabbed the player and their bike and dragged them along the road.

Well this was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen from CODWarzone

A few second later, the truck came to a stop, and so did the Dirt Bike. U/Rikuzi popped up (somehow completely unharmed, despite being hit in the head with a truck, then dragged along the pavement), emptied his clip into the enemy, and watched in disbelief as they fell to the ground, cut down.

Naturally, fellow Warzone fans on Reddit were amazed by this series of events. “He definitely uninstalled,” one player joked, with another adding on “and if they had a disc, that f**ker is snapped in half!”


“Not sure what’s crazier,” another reply read, “the fact that the grey variant of that weapon’s ADS is slower than most snipers and you still won the fight, or the fact that the truck didn’t f**king kill you!”

Whether it was dumb luck or an unintended glitch, this particular Warzone player ended up on the winning end of a hilarious exchange, and if word about their incredible motorcycle moves gets around, they might get a call from Toretto asking for some help with his next heist.