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Warzone player gets ultimate revenge after being destroyed in the gulag

Published: 17/Mar/2021 13:15

by Alex Garton


After getting one shot in the gulag, a Warzone player was offered a chance to take revenge on the opponent that eliminated him. It’s fair to say he made use of the opportunity and landed every single bullet.

There’s no denying Warzone is an incredibly fun game when you’re landing your shots and picking up kills across the map. However, as any Warzone player will know, the true test and most intense aspect of the game is definitely the gulag.

While out on the map, there are multiple options a player can take to reach the end-game, whether that’s avoiding fights or heading straight into the action. In the gulag, only one player out of the two is coming out alive, so when you lose, it’s extremely frustrating.


But what if you got offered a second opportunity to seek revenge over the opponent you faced in the gulag? Well, that’s exactly what happened to bloodcorona, and he certainly made it count.

Warzone released all the way back in March of 2020.

Warzone player gets perfect revenge on opponent

A thread posted to the CODWarzone subreddit showing a Warzone player getting revenge on an opponent from his gulag has garnered over 1,000 upvotes.

After getting absolutely dominated in an akimbo-deagles gulag, it looked like bloodcorona was just going to have to accept the fact that the better player won. However, after getting bought back in by his team just after he lost the 1v1, he spotted his opponent from the gulag floating in the air.


Of course, bloodcorona saw this as a golden opportunity that he couldn’t afford to miss and made every single shot count.

“This is the guy who killed me in gulag, cracked, dead, revenge!”

Got destroyed in the gulag but I saw him floating when I got bought back and I pistoled him out of the sky. from r/CODWarzone

It’s obvious from the clip that bloodcorona was ecstatic that he managed to take revenge on his gulag opponent. Despite only having a small window of opportunity, he made every shot count and took the player out before he could drop to safety.

Next time you lose a gulag, get your team to buy you back as quickly as possible and keep an eye out for your opponent in the air. Although it’s incredibly unlikely, if you manage to pull it off, it’ll certainly be the ultimate revenge.