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Warzone player comes up with hilarious solution to controversial Roze skin

Published: 16/Jun/2021 15:57

by James Busby


Warzone’s controversial Roze skin still continues to dominate both casual and competitive lobbies, but one savvy player has come with the perfect way to counter the troublesome skin for good. 

Roze’s Legendary Rook skin has been a popular pick amongst Warzone players since it was released back in Season 5. Not only is the skin completely black in color, but it also features no characteristics that make it stand out. This makes it the perfect choice for those that wish to remain hidden from prying eyes. 

Due to the incredibly competitive nature of Warzone, the majority of the game’s player base has gravitated towards Roze to help increase their chances of snagging that all-important win.


It’s certainly not hard to see why Roze continues to be such a controversial talking point within the community. However, one Warzone player has now come up with a hilarious way to deal with this frustrating skin for good. 

Roze skin in Warzone
Roze has been terrorizing Warzonee lobbies since Season 4.

Despite receiving a nerf in Season 3, Roze continues to terrorize players across Verdansk. In fact, it seems the visibility adjustments have done little to alleviate the frustrations of spotting this elusive operator. Fortunately, Roze’s dominance across Warzone could soon be a thing of the past if the developers were to implement this comical concept. 

“The only solution is to give the Roze skin users MORE value for their hard-earned skin by making it reactive,” says PlatsVarg. “The more kills you get the brighter you become and everyone can see how skilled you are!” 


Reactive weapon blueprints were introduced to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone during the Season Two update. These weapons gradually increase in luminosity whenever the player gets kills, giving the weapon a cool-looking appearance that rewards aggressive play.

Warzone Roze skin
The Roze skin would be much easier to see with this idea.

“As the game progresses you get more rewarded for your skill and aptitude at finding less luminous areas to engage in,” joked PlatsVarg. “By the end, you’re finally visible to everyone else when it really matters. I think this is a big W so Activision DM me.” 

While the player was clearly joking, it seems that many fans are still frustrated by the clear advantage Roze skin users have. This concept would certainly be welcomed by many Warzone players, but don’t expect to see any glowing green Roze operators anytime soon.