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Warzone glitch causes wins to come down to a coin flip

Published: 29/Aug/2021 0:08

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone Season 5 has brought tons of new content and playlist updates. Buy Backs are now live but this glitch is randomly picking a winner out of the final players. 

Players have been quite upset lately as the normal Battle Royale game mode was removed for Buy Backs.

Buy Backs allow players to pay $4,500 when they die to immediately come back into Verdnask and get another life.

Although this gives you more chances to win, players are getting robbed with this latest glitch that isn’t giving the win to the last one standing.

Warzone buyback mode
Buyback modes are now live but are a bit glitchy when it comes to getting a winner.

Warzone glitch ends game with two solo players alive

An old Warzone bug found players getting free wins at random points in the match. This would end the current game and give everyone in the lobby a win.


It seems a variation of this has returned, this time only giving it to one player. In this clip posted by ‘bundy5’ you can see the player spectating a game with two people left when suddenly one of them gets the win.

What happened here? two guys left and this guy won for no reason. wtf from CODWarzone

This glitch ended the game despite there still needing to be one more gunfight to get a final player standing.

The two players were shooting at each other but couldn’t do damage as the victory screen had already popped up. The clip does not confirm if both players received a win but it can be certain that at least one of them did.


While this can be extremely frustrating for players, it is unknown why this is happening. Some players suggest it is a big with the Buy-Back mode, while others are just confused.